Born the third daughter of four children to a loving Louisiana family, reared by the Vinning family principles of basic human goodness, and raised on crawfish, jambalaya, gumbo, fried shrimp, and Tobasco sauce, Crystal Eldringhoff was destined to bring us Love Lessons. Among numerous other gifts, this debut compilation comprises a uniquely powerful musical mix of love, fun, loss, wit, and spirituality.

Drawn to music from an early age, Crystal taught herself to play by ear the Christmas her parents bought the family an organ, fully rigged with its own rhythm section. Family, neighbors and friends all gathered frequently for parties and sang and enjoyed the numerous songs she played.
Crystal started her undergraduate degree at LSU, where she became interested in guitar picking and was given her first guitar by her brother. From there she finished at Loyola and also earned a master’s degree in Religious Education at Loyola. While studying at LSU, Crystal began formal vocal training and continued playing and singing at various Catholic masses; she had been in choirs for as long as she could remember. “Singing while playing the guitar has always been my closest prayer experience with God,” she recently told a music reporter who’d just listened to a few cuts from Love Lessons.

After a quarter century of singing and performing on stage with chorale groups while dabbling in songwriting and sharing a somewhat sort of music lifestyle with her guitar picking husband, whom she met at a spiritual retreat and promptly married, producing two beautiful daughters, she told a dear songwriter friend of her dabbling. He strongly encouraged her to attend an upcoming songwriter’s retreat, which she did enthusiastically do. There she played “Peggy’s Heart” for the first time to ears other than her own. And the tide turned.
A year and seven months later, Love Lessons is now available on CD Baby.

Her second CD Simple Things came out in December 2016. It’s a softer side and cowritten with friends Jack Kelly and Angie Ledbetter.

Crystal resides and plays in local Baton Rouge songwriter venues.
She is currently recording a new batch of songs that she sings with her new group HoneySuckle Sweet.