It has been in Austin that Penny Jo has found her musically eclectic and organic ideal, a heady, smokey combination of roots and pop stylings that now defines her unique soulful sound. Penny Jo truly is in her element as she charts a musical course squarely between Roseanne Cash and Lucinda Williams, with a hip shake and nod to the Stones and the Ronettes. Hers is a great big voice, a mighty twang that takes a song, whether she writes it or not, and makes it real – breathtakingly, unmistakable.

As William M. Smith writes it in Rockzilla World: “Pullus’s vocal attraction lies in her ability to alternate between hellcat on a tear and the girl next door.”
Sultry or snarling, Penny Jo Pullus is the real deal.

Penny Jo, who blanches at the title “chick singer,” defies pigeon holes. She started off in a punk rock band at the age of 18 called the Natives. Rockin Bones, The Muddpuppies and Trailer Trash were soon to follow at alt-country rock favorites. She even had a little dabble in musical theater, yet was a flop as a tap dancer.

Honing her skills, PJ is now also hosting a touring music series and radio show dedicated to showcasing women independent artists.

TeXchromosome is a 501 c3 with PJ “drivin the bus.”