Anchor Lounge – Hosted by Casper McCade 

4:00pm –  Robbie Holder & Casper McWade

5:00pm –  Jack Bentley & Casper McWade


Aj’s Pub – Hosted by Evan Walker 

12:00pm –  Evan Walker, Chaislyn Jane

1:00pm –  Jim Burns, Tony Cobb

2:00pm –  Taylor Craven & Jack Bentley

3:00pm –   Brent Moyer & Geno Gottschall

4:00pm –  River Gibson & Evan Walker

5:00pm –  Jim Standley, David Gaurtreau

Bay City Bistro – Hosted by Sean Gasaway 

12:00pm –  Linda McRae & Jill Kinsey

1:00pm –  Sean Gasaway & River Gibson

2:00pm –  Troy Martin & Jim Parker

3:00pm –  Cass Hunter & Matt Prater

4:00pm –  Sean Gasaway & Ameal Cameron

5:00pm –  Michael McCall & Donna Slater


Bayou Lagniappe – Hosted by 2 Country4Nashville 

12:00pm – 2country4nashville

1:00pm: David Dunn

2:00pm – Kim Carson

3:00pm – Jon Cook

Bourbons  – Hosted by Hal Bruni 

12:00pm –  Our local stars TBC,  Cliff Hillebran, Geno Gottschall

1:00pm –  Matt Prater, Riley Credeur, Kyle Wilson

2:00pm –  Casper McWade, Hal Bruni

3:00pm –  Matt Williams, T-Bone Montgomery, Hal Bruni

4:00pm –  Mudbone, Ricky J Taylor,  Brooke Brown

5:00pm –  Lyman Ellerman, Jon Cook

Daiquiris and Company – TeXchromosome Stage & NOLA Songwriters Spotlight  Hosted by Penny Jo 

12:00pm – Amanda Walker, Kim Carson, Shawn Williams, Kelcy Wilburn – Nola Songwriters Spotlight

1:00pm – Cass Hunter, Christina Christian, Donna Slater – Frank Brown Women

2:00pm – Sadie McClendon, Erika Schneider, Brook Faulk, Brooke Brown

3:00pm – Sassy Yew & Aye, Penny Jo Pullus, Claire Kellar

4:00pm – Emily Grace Clark, Kay Miracle, Maggie Baugh

5:00pm – Linda McCrae TeXchromosome Headliner


East Gate BBQ – Hosted by Barry Hebert 

12:00pm –  Kay Miracle  & Barry Hebert

1:00pm –  Lyman  Ellerman & David Patrick Dunn


El Toro – Hosted by Barry Chauvin – Songwriters Series Stage 

12:00pm –  Ameal Cameron, Steve Judice – PopShop Records Stage

1:00pm –   Erika Schneider, Jim Standley, Charlotte Smith – Pop Shop Records Stage

2:00pm –  Red Barn Music Showcase

3:00pm –   David Gautreau, Barry Chauvin, Barry Hebert

4:00pm –   Amanda Walker, Tony Cobb, Deric Anslum

5:00pm –  Joe Sims, John West, Paul Wilson

6:00pm –   2Country4Nashville


The Galley – Hosted by Tommy Ike Hailey – Ozone Songwriters 

12:00pm –  Tommy Ike Hailey, John West

1:00pm –  Paul Wilson, Claire Kellar

2:00pm –  Chaislyn Jane, Grace Russell

3:00pm – Joe Sims, Tommy Ike Hailey


Legends – Taff Optical Pickups Stage – Hosted by Daryl Dasher & Colleen Lloy 

12:00pm –  Sadie McClendon, Brook Faulk, Brigitte London,

1:00pm –  Daryl Dasher, Colleen Lloy, Emily Grace Clark

2:00pm –  Ray Scott, Mudbone, Maggie Baugh

3:00pm –  Colleen Lloy, Daryl Dasher, Amanda Walker

4:00pm –  Clare Means, Kyle Hughes

5:00pm –  Chad Wilson, Kyle Wilson, Jill Kinsey, Jim Pasquale  – Pensacola Beach Songwriters Round


Mama G’s – Hosted by David Harris/Kevin Swanson 

12:00pm –  Kevin Swanson, David Harris

1:00pm –  Robbie Holder, Ricky TJ Taylor

2:00pm –  Shawn Williams, Kelcy Wilburn

3:00pm –  Chad Wilson, Jason Justice, Jim Burns

4:00pm –  Steve Judice, Brent Moyer, Grace Russell

5:00pm –  Matt Williams, David Harris


Nicobella – Acadiana Stage / Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival 

1:00pm –  Dustin Gaspard, Holly Ortego, Ray Boudreaux

2:00pm –  Michael Scott Boudreaux, Myles Migl, Sarah Russo

3:00pm –  Emily Ortego, Grand Nathaniel, Sabra Guzman

4:00pm –  Sarah Douga, Lane Mack, Lance Dubroc

5:00pm – 7:00pm  Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival Stage

Christina Christian, Cass Hunter, Nick Biebricher

Troy Martin, Taylor Craven, Jason Justice , T-Bone Montgomery

Songs on the Bayou Extravaganza  *Ticketed Event* $10 

Morgan City Municipal Auditorium – Doors open at 7:00, with a 7:30 event start

728 Myrtle St, Morgan City, LA 70380 │(985) 384-9291)

  • Performances by 15 National Touring Songwriters, Hit Songwriters including:
  • Acadiana Spotlight * Sandy Roots Music Series Spotlight * Youth Artist Spotlights * FBISF Spotlight * 3rd Street Spotlight
  • D.a.T. SaUcE Song Competition Winners *
  • Special Presentations

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