For Kentucky native, Tony Cobb, it’s all about the song.  His songs are straight from the heart and soul. Tony is a storyteller, and his songs tell stories of a life well lived.  From a humorous riff on how he orders hash browns at Waffle House, reminiscent of Tom T. Hall, to the heartbreak of losing a loved one, Tony Cobb weaves himself into his lyrics. He writes songs that are relatable, much like stories shared on a front porch back home.

It’s often been quoted that country music is simply “three chords and the truth,” and Tony’s writing is the perfect example. Telling a story in three minutes is not an easy task. Tony doesn’t write with a formula for a contemporary audience; he understands that the art of songwriting can’t be tamed. He embodies the most respectable aspect of songwriting: he’s either going to make you laugh or hit you right in the heart with his lyrics. He’s a Southern Hemingway who says a whole lot, with few words. It’s a gift not all songwriters possess. Tony’s songs will take you places – places that bring back old memories, places that make you smile. And then without warning, he’ll break your heart.  Don’t worry though. This good ol’ boy  won’t leave you lonely. He’ll “Share his Whiskey” straight out the jar.

If there’s one thing Tony Cobb knows as an artist, it’s that life is a journey, not a destination, and he invites us all to come “Take a Ride.”